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Selection of VAG gearbox by parameters

VAG gearboxes - Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat

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VAG gearboxes

This database contains information on gearboxes and gearboxes of the VAG company. The base, of course, is not complete, those who have a complete one are welcome.
If you, my friend, have information on boxes of other manufacturers - write to me by mail
I tried to make the interface intuitive, but it doesn't seem to work out very well

Clicking on this icon will show the models on which this gearbox or gearbox was installed, as well as extended information

При нажатии на эту иконку, можно будет посмотреть на какой скорости какие обороты, ну или наоборот. Также в окошке можно будет сравнить кпп с другой. Или с этой же, но например на другой резине.

Do not forget to disable unnecessary parameters in the "Search by gear ratios" block. If the search parameter for the 6th gear is turned on, then the 5th mortar simply will not be found!

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